Ach Brito Lavanda Eau De Cologne 200ml By Ach Brito

With a fresh and revitalizing aroma, the Lavanda colognes by Ach. Brito are an absolute classic of Portuguese perfumery. On the market for over 90 years, this remarkable fragrance has the particularity of captivating both sexes. These cologne has several possible uses, from perfuming the body on a daily basis, perfuming the bedding in order to enjoy the relaxing benefits of lavender, using it as a perfume in the iron to perfume the clothes, setting the home with the help of a few chopsticks wood and more!
The green flask has been produced since its launch by Vista Alegre Atlantis, other well-know centenary company from Portugal, maintaining the same mold characteristics until today.
It is available in 750ml, 400ml, 200ml and now also in a special edition of 100ml with a box.