Collagen Pillowcase The Ultimate Luxury for Hydrated Moisturised Skin

Beautify yourself while you sleep with our amazing Collagen pillowcase white
Skin is hydrated all night
Energizes the skin while sleeping
with special yarn Filagen Fiber
Balancing skin temperature and external environment
Makes you feel cool and comfortable to the touch

Size 48cm 73cm, 19 x 29 in

Coolagen 1100 threads series (715 threads per

The ultimate luxury and innovation, Coolagen Nano technology combines with collagen peptide from deep-sea fish scales into pure cellulose fibers, woven meticulously to be ultra-fine fibers. 
Matisse Dance bed linen has soft and smooth touch. Help protect skin moisture during your quality sleep. The property of collagen still remains even after washing.

Quality standards

  • Fomaldehyed free: beddings do not contain the carcinogenic compound formaldehyde, according to European standards of new born baby clothes.
  • Cool Mode: certified by Thailand Green house Gas Management Organization, can enhance cool feeling and absorb sweat for better heat ventilation.
  •  beddings are protected against mold, fungus, and harmful microorganism in accordance with the internationally-recognized Sanitized® standard.


  • Prime Minister's Export Awards in Best Innovation 2021: certified by the department of international trade promotion.
  • Green Label: Production process that meets the green industry standard. Clean and safe for the environment. Issued by the Environment Institute.
  • Trust Mask: A guaranteed certificate to ensure that the product is one of the best.