Atelier Rebul Endemic Flowers Eau de Parfum Trio Set

Allium or Cappadocia

This flower blooms in June-August in the world-famous region in Turkey, the Cappadocia region, and is also known as "fairy-tale leek" among the locals due to its shape resembling fairy-tale chimneys.

Aegan Bellflower

Bellflowers heralds the arrival of spring with their dazzling purple flowers. These bloom in mounds during April and June on the bottom of rocks and walls. Seen only around Izmir, this flower is subtly protected because it is an endemic type.

Crown Imperial

Also known as inverted tulip. The only place in the world where this flower grows is in East Anatolia. This flower, which became the subject of myths, comes from the Van region and blooms red and yellow in March.


This Endemic Flowers Eau de Parfum Trio Set contains 3 Eau de Parfums of 30 ml. The Crown Imperial Eau de Parfum, the Allium or Cappadocia Eau de Parfum and the Aegan Bellflower Eau de Parfum.