Eucalyptus Massage Soap By Essências de Portugal

Eucalyptus Massage Soap

Ergonomic, created by Dermatologists, with a therapeutic and relaxing effect thanks to the massage that stimulates blood circulation and improves the health of your skin.
The exfoliation using the crushed grape seed eliminates dead cells and regenerates the skin because it absorbs pure Resveratrol from the grape seed oil.
Olive oil reinforces hydration and keeps the skin smoother.
Eucalyptus oil makes this soap more masculine due to its fresh scent, leaving you with a refreshing sensation as well.


Essências de Portugal

This soap is made by a small artisanal soap factory in central Portugal that offers a unique range of soaps formulated from local plant ingredients under certified health and quality controls.

The result? Exceptional soaps made with a true artisanal know-how, a certified quality control and a low ecological footprint.